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Letters to the Herald

Debate favored the one who lied


Donald Trump, leader of the MAGA Party (the Republican Party was hijacked long ago), was given another pass at the debate.

His constant lies, his utter disrespect for the position of the presidency, his lack of respect for our worldwide allies, his lack of civility, his constant denigration of our country, his lack of ability to answer questions or stay on message, resulted in another unhinged presentation of his deeply flawed character.

His fictional self-aggrandizement was stomach turning. Because of his rave performance reviews by his “base,” he again believes his behavior is beyond reproach.

The debate format was flawed. After Trump’s two-minute spurting of outrageous lies, how could anyone refute them? There would be no time left for any substantive policy discussion. Trump’s microphone should have been turned off when these lies were repeated. I’m embarrassed that such a human is running for the presidency of our great country. The convicted felon is certainly not worthy of holding any public office in our government.

We, the people, can do much better. Vote against MAGA in November. Vote for truth, civility, and democracy.

Carole Tibbetts Barocca, Lower Makefield

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