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Bucks County Herald Foundation launches Summer Fundraising Drive


In response to the summer slump of advertising revenue and the rising costs of sustaining its award-winning news operations, the Bucks County Herald Foundation has embarked on its second annual “Summer Fundraising Drive.”

“For over 22 years the Bucks County Herald has provided a free public service that is vital to the health of our community and American democracy,” said Bridget Wingert, the president of the Herald Foundation’s board of directors. “Launching this campaign around the July 4th holiday is a fitting way to recognize and celebrate the vitally important role the press has played in keeping our democracy strong.”

American democracy has relied on the accessibility of news to keep voters informed about local issues and the actions of their elected officials. That system is being severely tested in today’s media landscape where half of the counties in America are considered “news deserts,’’ whose citizens have scant local news coverage and often none at all.

“We are asking readers to join us in celebrating democracy and the free press by helping safeguard the future of local journalism in our community,” said Ann Meredith, executive director of the Bucks County Herald Foundation. “Research shows that when local journalism dies, voter participation decreases because citizens are deprived of nonpartisan information about local issues, the actions of elected officials, and candidates’ positions.”

Since its 2020 conversion from a family-owned newspaper that could not survive on traditional advertising revenue to a nonprofit community news organization, the Herald’s newsroom has been funded by donations from readers, local businesses and foundations.

The paper, its news website, and daily newsletters remain free to the public.

A major goal of the drive, according to Meredith, is to get 100 readers to become Sustaining Members of the Bucks County Herald Foundation.

“Recurring monthly donations of $5, $10, or $15 help provide year-round financial stability,” Meredith said. “It’s a small price to pay when you consider the enormous importance that local journalism plays in keeping citizens informed and sustaining a healthy democracy.”

The foundation’s Summer Fundraising Drive runs through Aug. 12. To become a Sustaining Member or make a one-time donation, visit the Bucks County Herald Foundation’s website:, or call 215-794-1096 during normal business hours.

Join our readers whose generous donations are making it possible for you to read our news coverage. Help keep local journalism alive and our community strong. Donate today.