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Thoughts from an Epicure: Changing with the seasons


Like many people, our diets change with the seasons.

In cool weather, our lunches generally consist of soups, eggs either boiled or fried, and grilled sandwiches. Now, our lunches often are salads or cold sandwiches. We both like Martin’s potato slider rolls. They’re tasty and perfect for a medium-sized sandwich.

A favorite is one of these rolls with a bit of mayo on each inside. On the bottom half, put lettuce, a thin slice of tomato, and a sliced hard-cooked egg. When you slice one for a sandwich, instead of cutting across the egg, slice it the long way, top to bottom. It fills in better. This sandwich with a glass of iced coffee is a good midday meal. I also make egg salad and chicken salad for our lunches. Both are perfect on slider rolls.

Although I prefer to make everything from scratch, the supermarkets are improving the variety and quality of prepared foods. Our store has cooked chicken, both white and dark meat, packaged separately. They strip the meat from the unsold rotisserie chickens and offer it in small containers. I know someone who does this in a supermarket. She explained they work fast and keep everything very cold.

I’ve started buying the leg quarters and breast meat. I often freeze the dark if I don’t use it the first day.

And, I purchase the white meat only when I have an immediate use for it. I prefer the whole chicken. However, there are times when it’s more than I’ll want in the next day or two, which is when those small packages come in handy.

Right now, take advantage of fresh asparagus. After cleaning and snapping off the hard bottoms of the stems, either put the spears into boiling water for no more than five minutes or saute them in a little olive oil until just hot. Don’t overcook asparagus!

Enjoy and stay safe!

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