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Letters to the Herald

Haring on the money regarding Lucabaugh’s raise


Thank you, Rick Haring, for so articulately expressing the outrage many of us are feeling regarding the 40% raise given by the current Central Bucks Board of Education to Superintendent Abram Lucabaugh (Aug. 3).

As a taxpayer with no children, I’m tired of paying $1.4 million (and counting) for P.R. firms, attorneys and, now, an $85,000 raise for the superintendent, to accommodate a school board majority run amok.

We need to invest in our teachers and educational support professionals — the staff is the backbone of our excellent schools and cares for all our kids — and stop wasting taxpayer money on the narrow social/political agenda of six board members.

The superintendent’s huge raise and new five-year contract are nothing but a “scorched-earth” approach by the current board majority — that clearly does not intend to be there much longer — in order to perpetuate its policies, which Lucabaugh has embraced and implemented.

This is one plan we need to help the current board majority implement — its exodus. I’m supporting Mr. Haring and his CBSD Neighbors United colleagues for Central Bucks Board of Education. You should, too. Let’s restore excellence and integrity to our school district, and stop wasting taxpayers’ money.

In November, vote this board out.

Ed Richardson, Doylestown Township