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Gene and Marlene Epstein Humanitarian Fund challenges Bucks residents to help local cancer community


Kin, a nonprofit wellness and support center providing free services to cancer patients, caregivers and local oncology health care workers across Bucks County, is the recipient of a challenge bestowed upon the Bucks County community by the Gene and Marlene Epstein Humanitarian Fund.

Beginning July 8 through July 15, Bucks County residents are asked to make a donation to Kin and Gene and Marlene Epstein will match every dollar raised, up to $5,000.

“I feel that if you can do something to make another person’s life a little better because of your help, whether it is financial or physical, then both people feel better – the donor and the recipient,” said Gene Epstein. “It’s a win-win situation and the more that you do it, the better you feel.”

“We are grateful to the Epstein Family for their philanthropic contributions to our area and honored they have shined their light on Kin. Kin now cares for more than 450 Bucks County cancer patients and their caregivers. Our non-profit, which is 100% donation funded, is dedicated to supporting our Bucks County community in meaningful ways. We welcome donations of any amount to reach our incredible goal of raising $5,000 in just one week,” said Kin’s Executive Director Keith Fenimore.

Those interested in making a donation can either visit the website ( and click the “donate” button, or mail a check made out to Kin to: 2325 Heritage Center Drive, Building 113, Furlong, PA 18925.

Learn more about Kin at ( To contact Kin call 267-544-5981 or email at

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