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YMCA teams up with BurnAlong to keep communities healthy through pandemic


YMCA of Bucks County announced that the 50th YMCA location has joined an online partnership with BurnAlong, a leading health, wellness, and social motivation platform, that will reach more than 17,500 YMCA members in eight states with live and on-demand content from local instructors.
“This partnership is keeping people connected to the fitness instructors that motivate them to stay healthy,” said Trish Feinthel, chief operations officer of YMCA of Bucks County, who leads the collaboration with BurnAlong and the 50 Ys. “We’re getting tremendous testimonials from people who are using this platform to manage stress, fight chronic disease, and stay connected to loved ones.”
With more than 1.5 million minutes of programming viewed, to date, 150 live classes each week and more than 3,500 Y-specific, on-demand classes and 150+ local instructors, the partnership unites YMCA members, instructors, and locations to provide extended access to wellness content through the BurnAlong platform. For the first time, Y members can now connect with Y instructors and classes from across the nation, previously only available to local, in-person Y members. This fall, the Y is increasing the breadth of content offered on BurnAlong with more youth and family-friendly classes, plus personal trainer-led workouts.
The live and on-demand access to the Y classes on the BurnAlong platform, accessed via Y Wellness 24/7, have allowed caregivers to maintain connections built through the Y during the pandemic, working moms to continue their fitness routines from the safety of their homes, and those battling chronic disease to manage pain and build community.

The addition of the 50th Y location will connect communities, in eight states, to their local instructors and content, while expanding access to YMCA content from other locations previously inaccessible to them, and open up a library of more than 13,000 classes across 50 health and wellness categories including chronic condition support, mental health resources, financial literacy courses, and parenting classes.
Learn more about BurnAlong, and the range of classes available to all Y and BurnAlong members, by visiting
Learn more about Y Wellness 24/7 at