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Thomas Rukas novel a trip to the Underworld


Thomas R. Rukas has written a new thriller to add to his published novels.
From lust to greed, the supernatural and psychological thriller, “The Peculiar Gunther Deal,” is not a typical tale of an individual selling his soul. “Here, the devil’s human form morphs with the surrounding addictions of the legendary seven deadly sins before being destroyed by its own obsession,” Rukas says.
The story begins at a pharmaceutical plant with a few corporate individuals awaiting a scheduled meeting with the main character, Gunther Deal. To them, Gunther is a peculiarly inciteful and charismatic fellow, yet unknown to them is the dark side – the truth that he had recently been conned by the devil into believing he had sold his soul.
Gunther believed he had traded his immortal soul for his presently existing confidence, employment, and the unusual power of premonition as he warns the executives of an imminent and deadly plane crash into their building.
This fiendish demon who maintains the upper hand over Gunther Deal had slyly entered his life in the human form of an alluring female.
With Gunther under the influence of an alcohol binge for years, the demon incarnate not only convinces him that she is his new lover, but that a dormant power of premonition, which he had already unknowingly possessed, was a gift to him in trade for his soul.

The tale leads Gunther through thrilling adventures and twists (a la Stephen King and J.K. Rowling) with different characters, good and bad, many who are touched by the tentacles of the same evil temptress through lust, addictions, grand theft and even murders.
Rukas is a musician, songwriter and novelist residing in Bucks County. His novels are usually written in the setting of Bucks County and the surrounding areas using landmarks such as Ringing Rocks Park, Lake Galena, Lake Nockamixon and the Delaware River areas.
Since he’s always been fascinated by Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling and Stephen King, Rukas enjoys incorporating mystery, romance, and suspense, keeping it all woven throughout his tales, and even within the music he writes.
Rukas, who’s worked in construction for a living, running his own business has also spent his time on his skills with writing music, lyrics, and eventually short stories leading to the present eight recent novels. He’s writing his ninth novel which may be finished by mid-summer.
“The Peculiar Gunther Deal” is, available in paperback at, which shows a five-star rating.