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Letters to the Herald

Thanks for service that reflects our experiences


As I prepare for my now-annual winter sojourn back to the desert Southwest for the winter, I’m reading the latest issue of the Herald. I very much enjoyed Camille Granito Mancuso’s Chatterbox column about art and torture.
Although I often find her column interesting and engaging, this one was truly incisive and moving. I’m planning to catch the Van Gogh immersive experience early next year, and this piece just further whet my appetite.
I was also so happy to see the cover story about Palisades School Superintendent Bridget O’Connell, receiving her much-deserved recognition as Superintendent of the Year. Having had the pleasure of working with this incredibly energetic and dedicated professional during several natural disasters as she worked tirelessly with the Red Cross to run our local emergency shelter, I couldn’t be more thrilled that others can now know what the Palisades area has known for years.
Then another article about how the local groundwater committee donated and installed an advanced digital weather station at the Palisades High School to enhance the learning of science … I just feel that our area is so lucky to still have the services of our own local community newspaper to cover it all.

Yes, international and national news is important, but let’s face it: most of us experience the majority of our lives at the local level, and it’s fantastic to be able to still count on a news service that recognizes and even celebrates this.
Thank you for being the medium through which we can see our lives reflected in all our wonderful diversity and creativity, no matter where we may roam throughout the year.
Mary Shafer, New Hope