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Tabby’s Place Cats of the Month


As a big boy with a big personality, Alex has a bit of a princely attitude. It’s more than a rumor that he was named for Alexander the Great – he makes it known that Tabby’s Place is his empire. He is usually well-behaved when it comes to other cats, but Alex can become a bit overstimulated when being handled by people. Alex certainly isn’t a bad cat, but he needs a family that understands his quirks and boundaries – and preferably, a home where he is the only cat, the center of the feline universe. Alex is young and healthy. All he’s missing is a family that is willing to work with him when he gets a little cranky.

Shelley’s past is as foggy as her vision. She arrived on the Tabby’s Place doorstep with a bad eye infection, her soft peepers veiled in mist. Because the infection went untreated for so long, Shelley can now see only light and shadows. Nevertheless, the sometimes-shy and always-sweet Shelley has warmed up to people. Despite her disability, Shelley has no issues climbing, exploring, or getting where she wants to be. Her gentle grace would make her the perfect couch cat in a calm, quiet home. Shelley also does well with other mellow felines and would love an older, peaceful buddy to curl up with. To fill out an application for Alex or Shelley, visit

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