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Letters to the Herald

Statement at Yardley Council meeting not recognized as a joke


First, let us say that the Herald is our best local newspaper. We look forward to picking it up at the Giant Market every week. You have so many local and interesting articles that we really enjoy the time we spend reading this paper. In today’s world we all need some good relaxing time.

That is why we were so surprised and disappointed to read the article on the front page of the June 2 edition, “Woman driver joke draws ire on Yardley Council.”

Come on people; lighten up.

We do not believe Mr. Caracappa meant any disrespect by his comment. It was a joke.

It is unfortunate that Caroline Thompson and other council members took offense. It is a sad state of affairs that we are living in a world where everyone feels the need to criticize every word that comes out of someone’s mouth and that we cannot make fun of ourselves once in a while.

Mr. Caracappa has served the Yardley Borough Council for 38 years and just because he said something that a few people did not like, it was blown all out of proportion and got him on the front page of the newspaper.

We are so sorry that the Herald thought this article was worthy of the front page. Instead, maybe it would have been better to bring attention to the homeless (article on page A5).

Joyce Kentopp, Audrey Taylor, Point Pleasant