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Solebury School celebrates beginning of school year with Convocation Ceremony


Solebury School ushered in the new school year with a Convocation Ceremony Sept. 7.

Students, faculty and staff gathered together as a community to reflect upon the year ahead and to warmly welcome new members of the community, each of whom were inducted into one of the four houses: Holmquist, Erskine, Lathrop, or Washburn (named after Solebury School founders). Houses compete for points throughout the year, with the winning house announced each May.

The ceremony began with students carrying 21 flags that represented their home country or their parents’. As a boarding and day school, Solebury hosts students from all over the world. This year Solebury welcomes students from Bermuda, China, Czech Republic, Ghana, Rwanda, Spain and Thailand.

Next, Solebury School presidents Louisa Qiu, Debby Qu and Bianca Sessegolo, all members of the Class of 2019, were joined by fellow seniors Austin Brown, Jacky Li, Sasha Guzman and Eliza McCleery to explain the symbols of the Solebury seal.

Faculty convocation speaker Britta Milks, math department head, emphasized the importance of taking chances.

“Embrace the opportunities that lie before you,” Milks said. “It is easy to sit back and stay comfortable with the things we have always done or the things we think define us, but we miss out on new experiences if we don’t stretch ourselves to try new things.”