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Letters to the Herald

Quarry issue resurfaces with West Rockhill supervisor candidate


On Ridge Road in West Rockhill sits a quarry now known as Naceville Materials. From its inception I was engaged in the battle to keep this quarry from operating in our bucolic township. The Morning Call dubbed it “the longest running quarry battle in Pennsylvania” (Dec. 28, 1988). Despite our fierce efforts, the court allowed the quarry to break ground.
In 1997 I served on the township’s Ad Hoc Committee to study the risks vs. benefits of the quarry’s planned asphalt plant on this site. So you might say I have history and lots of sweat equity invested in maintaining the quality of our township.
Now let’s talk about Hal Schirmer who is running for a seat on the West Rockhill Township Board of Supervisors in the Nov. 2 election.
In the 1990s the Schirmers sold out to the very quarry I and many residents spent countless hours working to thwart. Schirmers carved out an 11.145 acre parcel from their homestead and sold it to the quarry for $62,394. That equates to $102,243 in today’s dollars. Hal Schirmer still resides in this home.

Naceville came before our township again in 2016 with a request to rezone a property to allow for its expansion. One of three West Rockhill Supervisors, Jay Keyser, favored the expansion. Fortunately Naceville’s request was tabled.
The Schirmers have 21 more acres to sell to the quarry. If Hal is in that supervisor’s seat, he and Jay Keyser will have the necessary two votes to sell us out.
Ada Miller, West Rockhill Township