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Letters to the Herald

Positive actions by NH-S incumbents deserve support


As a former president of the New Hope-Solebury Board of School Directors, I am pleased to support incumbents Liz Sheehan, Deirdre Alderfer, Andrew Ordover, and Dana Schwartz for reelection on Nov. 2. Their proven records of dedicated service to our schools best reflect the interests of our students, professional staff, taxpayers, and communities.
These four incumbents are credited with the establishment of a wide-ranging Equity Committee to denounce racism.and discrimination and provide a place of affirmation and belonging for all members of the school community.
They supported a 10-year facilities maintenance schedule, completed the campus revitalization project that improved the tennis courts and track, and approved the installation of the artificial turf field to support student athletes. They approved the hiring of a new Robotics/STEAM coordinator to design and implement a new, comprehensive K-12 STEAM program. They instituted a property tax credit for seniors who volunteer in the district that will be reinstated when pandemic restrictions are lifted.

These candidates have worked tirelessly with their fellow board members and leadership team on COVID-19 mitigation strategies as part of the district’s Health and Safety Plan. They followed the guidance from medical experts including the CDC, AAP, and state and county boards of health that recommend mask-wearing to keep our students safe and schools fully open for in-person learning.
Most important, these incumbents demonstrate integrity and value working collaboratively with their colleagues on the board.They exemplify steady, deliberative, and thoughtful leadership that is so important during these challenging times. These four candidates have rightly earned the appreciation of our communities for their service and without question, deserve reelection on Nov. 2.

Laurence R. Fieber, Solebury Township