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Poet's Corner

Tulips in Midwinter


Thank god in the cold for supermarket

flowers. Such extravagance — I bought three

lush bunches of tulips, though I wanted

so many more to mass in glass vases

on every surface in the house, vivid

oblong buds atop triads of fleshy

leaves and upright green stems. I wanted heaps

of deep goblets spilling gladdening hues.

I think of our Texel trip with the girls.

Biking the flat lanes through the farms, quiet

roads bordered by fields and fields of tulips.

Everywhere we looked, full blossoming rows

of yellow, purple, orange, and red playing

on our retinas until all the shades

blurred in the air beneath that grey Dutch sky.

We stopped. The girls ran up a sandy path

and knelt to hide inside the glow, their heads

and shoulders peeking above the buds.

This winter ache. A sea of tulips surrounding

our shining girls, dazzling and giddy with color.

Mary Jo LoBello Jerome is the author of the poetry collection Torch the Empty Fields (Finishing Line, 2022). Her poetry and fiction have been published in many literary journals. A Poet Laureate Emeritus of Bucks County, she edited Fire Up the Poems, an anthology of poetry writing lessons for teachers, released in 2021. Distributed gratis by Bucks County Community College to Language Arts teachers throughout the county, Fire Up was a collaborative project that included the work of dozens of Bucks Poets Laureate. Mary Jo was a poetry editor of Schuylkill Valley Journal and has taught writing at all levels. Website:

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