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Photographer honored to show her work at New Hope festival


Lifelong Brooklyn resident, New York City Board of Education teacher of 24 years, and bird photographer, Samantha Fischer, has been traveling to Bucks County with her husband for over 20 years; in fact, the couple became engaged on the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge on New Year’s Day in 1999.

They consider the area their home away from home, and have developed many friends here; therefore, it is the honor of her life to show and sell her work at the 2022 New Hope Arts & Crafts Festival, taking place Sept. 24 and 25.

Fischer began seriously photographing birds during the pandemic, while viewing the famous barred owl of Central Park, “Barry,” along with a gaggle of other photographers and onlookers. Fischer has since photographed over 150 different species of birds in all their glory over thousands of images.

Fischer has an ulterior motive with her bird photography; she aims to document our fine feathered friends in order to foster a greater awareness and appreciation for birds in her audience, and to nurture a greater appreciation and love for nature in general.

Much of Fischer’s work is captured in Bucks County.