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Conservative activist receives probation for serving underage teens


Clarice Schillinger, a conservative parents’ rights advocate and former GOP candidate for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, entered a plea of no contest Wednesday in Bucks County, to a charge of furnishing alcohol to minors attending her 17-year-old daughter’s birthday party last fall; she was sentenced to 12 months of probation.

Charges of simple assault and harassment, also stemming from the party at a house Schillinger was renting in Buckingham, were withdrawn.

“I’d like first to thank my children, my family and friends, my attorney, and all of the incredible members of the community who have stood by me and showed unwavering support,” said Schillinger in a statement via email. “In the blink of an eye, my life changed, along with the lives of my children. A series of false allegations drawn out in the media have cost me almost everything. No family should ever go through this.

“Today, almost a year later, my case has been resolved. Finally, we can breathe and focus on rebuilding our lives. With forgiveness in my heart and determination propelling me forward, I embrace the opportunity to rise from adversity and contribute positively to the world...,” added the founder of the Keeping Kids in Schools PAC, formed in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schillinger’s attorney Brian McGonagle said in the joint statement that his client had, as a result of the case, “lost her livelihood, received death threats, and had to move from her home to protect her children’s privacy and well being.”

“Today, we celebrate the small wins,” he said. “Clarice has finally restored her good name and is ready to look forward...With the case behind her, Ms. Schillinger is eager to share her experience to help educate and protect other Pennsylvania moms and continue her support of Pennsylvania youth and schools.”

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