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Letters to the Herald

Pastor’s handling of State Street Players matter baffling


As a 40-year member of State Street Players I was flabbergasted to learn of Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s pastor will no longer support the troupe (“Our Lady of Mt. Carmel cuts ties with State Street Players,” June 20).

I decided to stay quiet while a group of members decided on how best to respond publicly.

However, having read the recent interview in the Herald, I can no longer do so.

The pastor’s saying there was “clearly a reference to a sexual act,” and noting that he found other inappropriate sexual innuendos “objectionable,” paints a picture of comedy skits loaded with sexual references.

To be clear there was one double entendre made by a comic book character in a night filled with funny, wonderful G-rated comedy skits and music.

The pastor had attended our opening night and had he pointed out his dissatisfaction, the line would have been dropped immediately.

That he waited two months after closing to announce his displeasure is baffling.

It leaves me with the feeling that there is far more to this story than we know and it leaves me feeling very angry.

Joseph Perignat, Buckingham

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