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Lenape Nation lends support to Devil’s Tea Table Alliance


In addition to noting support from other Delaware Valley municipalities in their appeal to Tinicum Township for its own support, the Devil’s Tea Table Alliance (DTTA) presented a statement of support from the tribal council of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania.
About 30 representatives of the DTTA appeared at the township’s June 15 public board of supervisors meeting to voice their objection to the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) plan for rockfall mitigation for a three-mile stretch of unique formation directly across the Delaware River from Tinicum — a plan they regard as grossly excessive compared to the actual need.
In addition to noting the objection support from the municipalities, DTTA supporters called on supervisors to make particular note of a statement they provided to them from the local tribal community, which was obtained by the Herald after the meeting.
In addition to noting their unity with other supporters and their concerns, the statement, on tribal letterhead, “emphasizes that the area in question is of significant cultural and historical value to the Lenape people, and that we currently conduct significant cultural events and ceremonies in the affected area.”

The letter continues, “we do not blindly oppose projects of construction or development, and we most certainly care for the physical safety and well-being of all people; however, at this time we have not been presented with information that proves that rockfall in the area poses a significant threat to health and safety; provides any significant information on the environmental and ecological impact of this [rockfall mitigation] project; or reveals an effort by the proposing parties to proactively provide transparency and full disclosure of all relevant information to the local people and communities affected.”
The letter concludes with “for these reasons we object to moving forward with the proposed NJDOT rockfall mitigation project at this time. We are open to re-evaluating our position should the above information be available for consideration.”
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