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Hunterdon County Planning Board schedules growth plan management meeting


The Hunterdon County Planning Board will hold a public information session Oct. 3 to discuss the future of Hunterdon County as part of the Growth Management Plan revision process, County Board of Commissioners Deputy Director Zach Rich announced.

This meeting will take place at 7 p.m. in the Building 1, Assembly Room at the Route 12 County Complex.

Rich, the commissioner board’s liaison for the Planning and Land Use Department, said, “We appreciate the Highland Council’s financial support toward the cost associated with updating the Growth Management Plan. The Highlands Council has awarded Hunterdon County grant funding up to $75,000.”

Hunterdon County Planning staff is working in partnership with the Highlands Council to update the Growth Management Plan, which last updated in 2007. The Plan is an Element of the County’s Land Use Master Plan and guides county-level investment, supports municipalities, and provides a shared vision for the County’s next decade.

The Highlands Council approved funding for this revision in 2021.