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Hatboro police K9 officer placed on hospice


Despite heroic lifesaving efforts and profound hope for his recovery, the Hatboro police K9 officer who suffered a heart attack after being stung by a bee last October, has been placed on hospice, his wife said.
Ryan Allen, 35, is expected to be discharged from his rehabilitation center to hospice care soon, said Whitney Allen, in a social media post.
While the family had thought they would eventually bring Allen home to continue his care and therapies, his recent prognosis showed his anoxic brain injury is more severe “than we even first knew or could understand,” Whitney wrote. As the swelling in his brain has subsided in the months since his cardiac arrest, allowing an MRI to further assess the brain damage, the results were grim.
His brain had shrunk and crucial portions were gone. “Ultimately, we have been told by his medical team there is no chance that he will recover in any meaningful way,” said his wife.

With that prognosis, Whitney Allen said, “we have made the extremely painful decision as a family to have Ryan discharged from rehabilitation to hospice care to spend his remaining days surrounded by loved ones and friends in a peaceful setting close to home.”
Whitney said she and their family are certain he would not want to live in his current state.
She expressed gratitude for all the love and support the family has received from so many in the community and said the money donated to the Go Fund Me for Ryan will be used for the private nursing care he will need over the coming weeks, as it’s unclear if that will be covered by insurance.
“Please pray that we have the strength for this next part and that Ryan suffers no additional trauma or pain during his transition to heaven,” Whitney said.