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Chatterbox: No other place in time


If distractions were snowflakes, America would be in a blizzard.

Lost in it is one topic that should be consuming us and making us all work feverishly to reverse it: climate change. Yes, some of us pooh-pooh this because Earth’s environment and its atmosphere have always had issues. Yet, using today’s yardstick, and already dealing with early fall-out we know is man-made, we should not just be alarmed but moved to immediate and desperate action.

We know what studies, stats and photos are proving and, regardless of the fact that we have been inundated, brain-washed, and poisoned (even literally) by big profit conglomerates who need for us to question the science, 97% of the world’s greatest scientists agree that global warming/climate alteration is, in fact, real.

I pose, at this point, the classic question: If 97 out of 100 doctors told any one of us we needed a life-saving operation, would we believe the other three?

There are many who perpetuate the smoke screen, but in league with one another and in the lead is the dominating force: fuel corporations. Their massive profits rely on the perpetuation of their fabricated distractions and alternative scenarios, and on us to not challenge their propaganda, and to not fight for a balanced planet, change or improvement. They deny only publicly because they know the truth and have known it longer and better than most anyone else.

In fact, they’ve known for so long that climate deterioration is real, that they created and managed a pervasive and persuasive campaign against that fact. They’ve done it so well that they’ve actually convinced even intelligent people that there is no global warming, or that it’s modest and caused by naturally recurring patterns, and that their products are vital, irreplaceable, and have not affected the environment.

They’ve investing many millions of dollars to make sure we believe that – which, in itself, is evidence enough for most of us to believe the opposite. I mean, why pay so much to counteract belief in the existence of something if it truly doesn’t exist? It’s like trying to corral fog.

While large corporate conglomerates aren’t the singular source of pollution to this planet, they are, collectively, one of the biggest, and not just because of their fog campaign. Their resources harbor multiple threats – they not only leave damage in the wake of their harvesting, which is becoming progressively more invasive, they also leave damage in the wake of their refinement, again in their use, and once more in their residue. They must be replaced.

People have grown dependent on them and it will be hard to adjust as we replace them. Can we do it? Not overnight, but yes. Indeed, many nations have nearly done it already, while America is sleeping. Big paydays for the big guys relegate America to the back of the pack – a place profiteers need Americans to become accustomed to.

Climate change is becoming a redundancy which, in itself, isn’t a good sign. Saving our own planet shouldn’t be debatable; we surely can’t survive without it. Most Americans acknowledge this, but too much of our leadership doesn’t, even as many world nations successfully work at it. Still, every nation must get on board, and America’s position as a dominant global force and its power of persuasion is imperative for success and to stimulate the laggers.

Our children worry that their future may be abbreviated. Worse, they realize that, without swift and complete action, the future will be harsh around the world until the end of their contracted number of days. They worry about how the quality and length of their future will affect their ability to have a life that includes children and what kind of world their children will have, if any. These are very real fears affecting our children every day.

Anyone can spend some time researching the cycle of all nature, renewal, and the atmosphere. Our planet has effectively dealt with all of it since the fecal matter of single-celled animals was Earth’s greatest pollutant. We can fast forward to when man discovered fire and our pollution problems began to go up in smoke. A mere tick of the universe and we learned to burn today’s resources.

It was great while it lasted, but just as we transitioned from twigs to crude oil, it’s essential that we advance again. Clean technology already exists and we must engage these new energy sources, always moving with the times.

Now, however, it’s not just to improve life, but to literally sustain it.

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