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Letters to the Herald

CB board deliberately places others at risk


The Central Bucks School Board has decided that masks will not be required. This means that every day, from every school, across every neighborhood, our own children will be carrying disease to the entire community.
Their sisters and brothers are at risk, their parents are at risk, and their grandparents are at risk. This board’s decision to deliberately place others at risk is a lesson to us all.
The lesson for us all is to vote for individuals In November who honor and respect science, learning and community health. Remember these names as candidates for CBSD: Tabitha Dell’angelo, Ph.D. Region 8, Rob Dugger, Region 7, Diana Leygerman, Region 9, Mariam Mahmud, M. D., Region 5, Jenine Zdanosicz Region 4. Please make a list right now. Every one of these candidates is qualified and able to make decisions that matter to us all.

Our job as voters is to make sure we vote carefully for school board. We must do everything we can to elect a school board that puts children and health first.
Ann Melby Shenkle Ed.D., Doylestown