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Letters to the Herald

Banning all energy sources will raise cost


With the trendy movement by politicians (most recently Gov. Hochul in New York) wanting to jump on the bandwagon to ban natural gas, propane and heating oil from new construction I figured now is a good time to sound off.
Natural gas, propane, heating oil, and even wood for some folks in Bucks County with a wood burning furnace, and electric companies, have one sure thing in common- they compete for your dollars to heat a home and cook food. Competition means consumers get the best price for the product.
Take a way competition and the result is a monopoly. Banning all forms of energy for homes and businesses except electricity will give electric companies a monopoly. I can’t think of an industry I’d rather not see with a price monopoly than an electric company.

You can shop around for the best price for propane, heating oil, even wood, but try shopping around for electricity. Consumers will be at the mercy of what would surely be skyrocketing costs for a kilowatt of electricity.

David Ledger, Ottsville