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Letters to the Herald

Aggressive drivers do it 12 months a year


I read a recent notice that area police departments will be targeting aggressive driving behaviors during April. I live in the Borough of Doylestown and I suggest, why stop in April?

We have aggressive drivers all year long, especially coming into town on the south side by Wawa, and on the stretch of West State Street from approaching McCaffrey’s all the way to the hospital.

I have lived along that stretch for almost 15 years and cannot count the times I have been passed on a double yellow line, cursed at, and nearly rear-ended as I turned into my driveway, all because people did not want to slow down to the posted speed limit of 25 mph.

Several times, they did not see pedestrians crossing at the crosswalk by the church or other cars pulling out of our driveway.

Please post larger, visible speed limit signs along our borough roads or invest in cameras that would record the reckless, aggressive drivers that seem to increase each year, before someone is seriously hurt.

Cornelia Keener, Doylestown Borough

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