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Letters to the Herald

Four rims replaced and three tires lost on 313


It has been this way for more than a month.
This is a known issue to all of the repair centers in the area who have replaced more rims and tires than just mine.
For the record – I have lost three tires due to the issues of the 313 north of Sawmill Road and another last night on the 313 just west of York Road.
I had four rims repaired three weeks ago – but two need to be repaired again now.

The only way to safely avoid potholes on 313 now just past Sawmill is to swerve into oncoming traffic.
At PennDOT, all have one job – to make sure that our roads are safe to drive on. Why does it take so many emails to evoke a response – but still not a solution?
Our gas taxes are among the highest in the nation specifically to take care of the roads – my neighbors and I understand repairs don’t happen overnight – but what does PennDOT consider acceptable?
Alan Wallace, Doylestown