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Wolf administration releases data on COVID-19 cases by long-term care facility

The Wolf administration today released data on the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths at long-term care facilities in Pennsylvania. The data provides the number of cases, number of employee cases and number of deaths that have occurred at each facility. For facilities with less than five in any of these data points, the information is redacted.

“Our long-term care facilities are an integral part of Pennsylvania’s health care system. People providing care in long-term care facilities must endure these challenges of this difficult time while maintaining continuity and services for people under their care,” said Department of Human Services Secretary Teresa Miller. “We are committed to continuing networks of support for these facilities so we can navigate and overcome this challenge together.”

The Wolf administration has taken a three-pillar approach to protecting the vulnerable residents living in nursing homes and other long-term living settings:
• Ensuring resident safety through testing, education and resources;
• Preventing and mitigating outbreaks; and
• Working in partnership with state agencies, local health departments and long-term care facility operators.

The full press release with a link to long-term care facility data can be accessed at