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Cherry, Cherry, why do you weep?

Is it due to your exquisite beauty,

Produced without obligation or duty?

Do you weep happy streams of rosy tears,

Rejoicing in the spring season that nears?

Cherry, Cherry, why do you weep?

Is it sorrow at your fleeting nature

That like every living creature,

Will enter the universal rotation

That the cycle of life does feature?

Willow, Willow, why do you weep?

Is it the joy of your chartreuse cascades

Flowing and intermingling like the nearby waters,

Creating a vision that never falters

Of spring and rekindling?

Willow, Willow, why do you weep?

Does new life’s cacophony diminish to a hush,

As your riparian streams are no longer lush

Nor christening youthful adventures and dreams?

Oh Cherry, Cherry, do not weep.

Your delicate blossoms offer soul protection,

Shooting outward the new fire of resurrection.

And though your beauty fades with time,

The memory lasts in ways sublime.

And upon your return, you bring hope to all who yearn.

Oh Willow, Willow, do not weep.

Your greeny-yellow neon glow

Is radiant grace after days of darkness,

Emerging ever so slowly slow then

Voila! a dense and deep green shelter dome

Where children and animals can find a home.

Oh People, people, why do you weep?

Are your tears those of gladness

Or over full with sadness?


For here’s the thing: Mother Nature keeps giving us Spring.

Kay Rock is a Bucks County author and writer who has written a column for the Bucks County Herald, as well as essays and feature articles for Prime Time Magazine. She dabbled in poetry as a student and continues to enjoy that challenge. This is an original unpublished piece by Rock, who also sits on the board of the directors for the Bucks County Herald Foundation.

Poet’s Corner is curated by Bucks County Poet Laureate Emeritus Tom Mallouk and supported by a grant to the Bucks County Herald Foundation made possible by Marv and Dee Ann Woodall.

To submit a poem for consideration, email it to If the poem has been previously published, please say where it first appeared.

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