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Letters to the Herald

Vote Ada Miller in West Rockhill


As West Rockhill residents prepare to vote for a new supervisor this November, keep in mind how it feels to have your taxes fund Keyser Care. What’s that, you ask?

That’s the amount Mr. Jay Keyser uses to fund his health and dental care plan. It will cost taxpayers $42,000 this year — all while he’s eligible for employer-sponsored health benefits.

Over his 18-year tenure, that’s a staggering $500,000 and approximately the amount it would take to update the community pool that Keyser has failed to properly fund for years.

Other questionable decisions are his refusal to hire new police personnel recommended by our police chief and failure to fund the yearly police vehicle replacement practice designed to insure West Rockhill is ready to meet the moment should we experience an emergency.

Ada Miller is running to oppose this practice of needlessly wasting our money; instead spending it on programs that benefit taxpayers. Ada has been a devoted advocate of preserving the rural character of our township through her work opposing the approval of the quarry and its expansion — an expansion Keyser has already publicly endorsed. Her concern is for all of us — the safety of our wells and ability to thrive in this beautiful township. Ada has vowed not to take health insurance or stipends, but rather to provide the leadership we all deserve.

My vote is for Ada Miller. I hope you agree.

Regina Schrameyer, West Rockhill