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Guest Opinion

Untangling the word on the street ahead of Central Bucks’ election


If you’ve seen the big blue signs or gotten the texts or mailers about me, you may have some questions.

Please know that I have nothing to hide. So, I’m writing to share the facts before you head to the polls.

Claim #1: Rick Haring stands to make millions from a lawsuit against the school district

There are over 360 female teachers in Central Bucks School District who have evidence that shows they were not paid equal to their male counterparts for the same work. They have a collective lawsuit with the district. To be clear, neither my wife nor I are part of this lawsuit and neither of us will benefit financially, no matter what the results are. If elected, I will follow the advice of the district’s lawyers on how best to handle this lawsuit. If any decisions come to the board, my top priority will be to ensure that the board makes an informed and correct decision for the school district, the taxpayers, and the community.

Additionally, my wife has a separate lawsuit with the district alleging that she was discriminated against, not given equal pay, and been the recipient of unfair retaliation by the district. I would, of course, recuse myself from my wife’s lawsuit.

Claim #2: His fraudulent lawsuit = 50% tax increase for you

PA Act 1 prohibits school districts from raising taxes more than the Act 1 Index yearly, which is historically around 3%. In order to raise taxes more than the Act 1 Index, school districts have to go to a voter referendum. Voters decide if they support the increase or not. Using wildly inaccurate numbers of potential tax increases is manipulative. We should be able to trust our leaders to tell us the truth.

Claim #3: Rick Haring harasses high school girls sports teams

This stems from a very personal issue relating to my daughter. Despite being aware of my daughter’s significant medical issues, administrators and coaches ignored her cries for help. Just like any concerned parents, my wife and I requested a meeting. Our repeated requests were ignored, leaving us all with a feeling of helplessness that escalated until our daughter felt as though she had no choice but to quit the team.

My opposition never shares emails in which my wife or I are being aggressive or hostile. That’s because none exist. All we’ve ever done is advocate for our child with facts. The real story here is about how the school community failed to do what’s best for a student.

School board elections should be an opportunity for voters to choose between two candidates who represent a vision of what the district would look like under their leadership. I am running to focus the board on improving public education and properly funding the schools. What we’ve seen from the opposition obscures the fact that they don’t have a positive vision for the future of our school district.

I’d welcome you to reach out directly to if you still have questions:

Rick Haring is running for Central Bucks School Board in Region 6.

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