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Guest Opinion

Trump’s wrong — Women’s soccer team is what America should be


Donald Trump outdid himself celebrating the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s early exit from the FIFA World Cup competition, accusing them of being “openly hostile to America,” and insisting “woke equals failure.”

How dare these women want equal pay? How dare they want equal rights? How dare they seek a society that is inclusive and tolerant? How dare they not sing?

They are not hostile to America. They are hostile to those who would create an America that excludes, demeans and vilifies anyone who is different. These American women on our national soccer team are superior athletes who have dedicated their lives to playing at a World Cup level that Trump could never begin to achieve or comprehend.

So this year was an early exit. That’s sports. That’s life. But these women will regroup, they will learn, and they will be better and stronger for it.

That Trump and his ilk are loud and shrill in their glee at the USWNT’s early loss simply suggests they fear strong women who have the courage to demand that America live up to its claim that all are created equal, with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The U.S. Women’s National Team is not hostile to America. Its members simply want to hold the U.S. to a higher standard, one that is inclusive and equal for all.

Trump and his base will vilify this valiant team that terrifies them and label these women, who proudly stood up and who did their best, as un-American.

But it makes them look small, and they lash out with boorish comments to try to compensate.

Equal pay. Equal rights. Inclusivity. Freedom to learn and to love what and whom you please. Freedom to fail, to stand up, and have the courage to play again. This is what America should be.

Deborah DiMicco lives in Newtown Borough.

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