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Letters to the Herald

Trump / Colorado case hinges on potentialities, not the letter of the law


Hearing Supreme Court Justice Roberts interrogate Colorado’s defense for excluding Donald Trump from the ballot was educational.

No longer is the meaning of the words important, not even the intent. Potentialities trump, no matter how far fetched.

We should now read the Second Amendment as, “In order to ensure everyday mass and weekly school shootings, the government shall make no law that would prevent people from owning automatic weapons.”

And, “In order to maximize the number of un-cared for children, the government shall make no law that would arrest the number of pregnancies.”

The 14th Amendment should now read, “In order to support the right to destroy the Constitution, the government shall make no law that would interfere with known insurrectionists running for political office, especially including, president of the United States.”

This is a kind of stare decisis, aka bias in favor of the rich.

Intriguing, too, that Roberts has suddenly found religion on voting rights after his legacy of foot-dragging to banish gerrymandering. I was not surprised that he didn’t mention that in the event the insurrection was successful, not really so far-fetched that, he would have been out of a job.

William Kirk, Doylestown

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