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Thomas Ross Lurz


Thomas Ross Lurz, of Point Pleasant, Bucks County, passed away on the afternoon of April 29th on his beloved property, he was 71. Tom was born on Valentine’s Day, 1953, to Marion Yerkes Lurz and Tom Lurz Sr. of Glenside PA.

He spent his first 40 years in Abington, but his last and happiest 30 years were spent on King’s Island in Pt Pleasant with his wife Sheree Cote.

Tom had many interests and collections which he brought with him to Pt Pleasant. His hobbies included skiing, scuba diving, playing his cello, and traveling to name a few.

Tom was passionate about serving his community. He spent much of his adult life volunteering for various organizations. He was a volunteer with the Plumstead ambulance squad, with Bucks County EMS as an EMT instructor, with the Plumstead Township Environmental Advisory Committee, and with the Volunteer Ski Patrol at Camelback Mountain. He was a long standing volunteer at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia - Tom’s “Nirvana”. Tom also took great pride in being Judge of Elections in Point Pleasant.

After many years of volunteering and taking courses at Temple University and The University of Pennsylvania Tom met his love and life partner Sheree Cote. Together they bought a property called Kings Island, where Tom threw himself into the role of caretaker and property manager. Whenever mother nature threw adversity at them, such as the Delaware River flooding, Sheree and Tom always managed to repair and make the property more beautiful.

For the last ten years of his life, while his friends and family were all retiring, Tom began a career with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and then the US Department of Agriculture. He joked about retiring when he turned 80, because studying bugs and working with 20-somethings kept him young. Tom loved his friends from school, volunteering, neighbors, and work: he misses you all as much as you miss him.

When Tom married his wife Sheree Cote, he not only became a husband, he joined a family that included her sons Jesse Cote Hallowell and Ben Cote Hallowell. Happily the family grew to include his adored daughter-in-law Sunny Hallowell and beloved grandchildren Jane and Pen. Tom truly loved being a member of this family. Tom delighted in sharing his vast knowledge and wonder of the natural world with his family, most of all he loved his role as a grandfather.

Tom is survived by the family members listed above, brother-in-law George Neslie, nieces Kristin (Derek) and Michelle and Heather(Mark), and grand nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his beloved sister Marilyn Neslie. A celebration of Tom’s life is planned at Dharma Bums in Pt Pleasant for Saturday June 29 from 1-3. In lieu of flowers, please cherish one another.

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