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This Light White Day


Sky nearly white as the fields, white

as the roofs tinged with that blue

slate blue of blue spruce boughs

laden with yesterday’s snow.

How slowly my hand brings words

to this day.

How brown the wall of the barn.

How clear the rabbit’s path across the lawn.

A nuthatch proceeds both up and down the maple,

more at ease with gravity than I can ever be,

yet I believe her rounded breast and tipping beak

hold something close to teach.

I hear the music of dead men when I sing.

Who am I to fear their light clear measures?

Such force propels the hand!

Heaven claimed by words turning and falling

down the clean white page.

Heaven in the flick of a tail, heaven

in the toad’s chill sleep, the garden’s rest.

This handful of snow I hold up

to the pale persistent light.

This Light White Day was previously published in Elegant Reprieve, Still Waters Press, 1996.

A storyteller and teaching artist, and one of Bucks County’s Poet Laureates, Luray Gross has published four volumes of poetry, most recently Lift, with Ragged Sky Press. Her love of the spoken and written word began during her childhood on a dairy farm near her current home in Plumstead.

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