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The Poet's Corner

The Night


Oh Moon, whose ancient face has viewed

this mortal sphere from Alpha on,

until this very night, when silent shafts of glow

creep down to change each daytime shape

with soft, ethereal light.

The Earth is silent in after midnight hours

with winged creatures folded against sleeping flowers.

And I, who should in slumber be wrapped

am gazing on beauty, so that,

the fingers of my soul are clapped

to such performance that daytime eyes ne’er see.

How egotistical — but —

the audience ? Just me.

From her daughters — Susan and Naomi Darville — Miriam Montgomery has been writing poems for many years, mostly for her own enjoyment, or to share with her family. She and Dad (Stu Montgomery, Doylestown’s downtown Santa in the ‘70s and -0s ) moved to Point Pleasant to raise our family, where she resides. She is 101 plus years old, and looks forward to the weekly Herald “to keep current with local news.”

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