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Letters to the Herald

Thanking Fitzpatrick for his omnibus vote


In response to the gentleman who, in last week’s letters to the editor, castigates Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick for the his vote in support of the Biden administration’s omnibus spending bill. I asked former Congressman Jim Greenwood — who continues his strong support of Congressman Fitzpatrick — for his thoughts. I received this by way of reply:

“For starters the omnibus passed in the Senate with a bipartisan 68-29 vote. With Democrats controlling the House, the Senate and the White House, the options were to compromise, or face a government shutdown. Defense spending, including military support for Ukraine, increased by 10% to $858 billion, comprising half of spending. It includes a 22% increase in spending for the Veterans Administration; $47.5 billion for the National Institutes of Health; and, $1.5B to fight cancer. As for “pork,” it includes $582,000 for the Bucks County Community College and $500,000 for the Pennsylvania Special Olympics.”

As a citizen of Pennsylvania; as a U.S. citizen supporting all our efforts to assist Ukrainians in their fight against unprovoked Russian aggression; and, as a citizen with no desire to see our financial markets melt down; our commitments to NATO wither and die; or massive paralysis of government accompanied by tens or even hundreds of thousands of government layoffs, I thank Congressman Fitzpatrick for having the maturity and the courage to sign on to a compromise for the good of his state and his country.

Joe Falconi, Buckingham

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