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Letters to the Herald

Stoplight would make dangerous intersection safer


Thank you to Chris Ruvo for his article “Police concerned with accidents at Wrightstown intersection” (June 22). He mentioned that there may be a traffic study conducted, which might warrant a traffic light.

We are aware of another intersection which is dangerous. It is the T-junction of east-west Brownsburg Road and north-south River Road (Route 32). We were involved in an accident there. Contrary to what the police report implies, visibility left and right for drivers approaching River Road from the west on Brownsburg Road is not very good. We pulled as far forward as seemed safe, but were still unable to see the oncoming motorcycle (which of course has a narrower profile than an automobile).

There really should be a stoplight, not just a warning light or caution sign. The EMS squad that arrived on the scene told us that they are frequently called to this very intersection, which seems to confirm the need for a stoplight.

Rufus and Anne Hallmark, Newtown