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Letters to the Herald

Staats’ votes on sensitive issues called into question


Within the last several years there was legislation proposed that would extend the statute of limitations on crimes of sexual assault or sexual abuse.

The legislation was intended to give victims of abuse recourse in the courts against abusers/pedophiles beyond what had been a relatively short window of time.

Two bills - HB951 (04/21) and HB14 (01/21) -- specifically addressed underage or childhood victims.

HB951 passed with a vote of 149 to 52 in the State House and HB14 also passed with a vote of 187 to 15.

Why would anyone vote against these bills -- against children having legal recourse against an abuser or a pedophile. It is almost unthinkable that any legislator would vote against this legislation, but Craig Staats did.

He was one of 15 House Reps (out of over 200) who voted no to HB14.

Mr. Staats has made many questionable choices on legislation that would have protected victims of sexual abuse, the environment, voting rights or women’s rights, but his vote on this particular legislation is the least palatable of all.

Voters continue to vote for Mr. Staats when they have no idea how he has voted on sensitive issues and whether he actually votes in accordance with his constituents’ wishes.

Jim Miller is running for State Representive from our 145th District, and he will make the choices to defend victims’ rights, voting rights, women’s rights and environmental rights.

Sharon Murray,  Richlandtown

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