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St. Luke’s pediatricians urge parents to keep up with vaccinations


The recent reappearance of polio in some communities in the Northeast serves as an important reminder to parents to keep up with their child’s vaccinations – especially with school about to start.

Parents can check their family’s online SLUHN portal or call their SLUHN pediatrician’s office to find out whether their child is due for any vaccinations or boosters, and to schedule an appointment if necessary. Due to the COVID pandemic, a number of children fell behind on their vaccinations and now is the perfect time to get them caught up, said Dr. Jennifer A. Janco, a pediatrician with St. Luke’s University Health Network.

While Pennsylvania is one of 15 states that allows for philosophical exemption to vaccines for school entry, Janco agrees with the Pennsylvania Department of Health recommendations for parents or guardians of students enrolled in grades K-12 to have their children immunized against various communicable diseases including polio.