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Letters to the Herald

Sinners need not shop here


I may have a friend who may want to open a website design business one day. But he has a strange “religion.”

His “religion” tells him that LGBTQ+ people are evil and should be shunned. Ditto about Jews, anyone with brown skin and anyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus. His “religion” also tells him fat people are bad too as well as anyone who isn’t a true American.

So he was very happy about the recent SCOTUS decision that ruled in favor of a woman who might one day expand her graphic design business to create wedding websites and might one day be asked by a gay couple to design a website for their wedding. SCOTUS agreed she had the right to refuse to do business with these kinds of people because she felt her religious beliefs would be compromised by these sinners and then her Freedom of Speech would somehow be violated. Huh?

Anyway, now my possible friend can open his business and feel free not to sell his services to millions of customers (sinners) whom his religion shuns. Sounds like a winning business plan to me.

What are we devolving to?

Steve Cickay, Newtown

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