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Shared Teachings: Prophesy

How is it that I know the precise instant you appear? Your telepathic messages bypass my closed eyes, I know your presence and locate you immediately.

I recognized you decades ago, as you alerted me to my honeymoon home in the Vermont highlands. Today, you called out, inviting me to visit.

You have informed my thoughts, confirmed decisions and blessed me many times over with your gifts. Fallen feathers, too abundant and varied to count, each a blessing, each carrying your higher teachings into my humble life, continually find their way to me. Some, still vibrating, transfer your energy into my hand.

You’ve permitted me close proximity to your nests. Through extended observations, I’ve witnessed your caretaking and parental teachings as your brood branches. Always present in oversight, you left me to cradle my sweet, fallen guide.

Following your Earthly shadows announces your watchful circling above me. I feel your reassurance and guidance through the silence. I even share your sensation of flight through my dreamtime adventures.
You navigate the seasons and punctuate the passing of each day. I cherish your life, and what it bestows upon mine. With reverence, I have been taught how to honor you in death well as.

Your highway is the “negative space” surrounding all objects, as you inhabit the air around us. I’ve come to know your wings, your distinct movements and, above all, your call. Whether it be greeting a new day, sounding an alert or reveling in the mysteries of the darkness. Your seen and unseen presence brings constant comfort and joy.

Often, I see you perched above, observing our frantic lives below. What must you think? When you take to the air, you often drop into flight. What a simple, but lovely teaching.

Ancestral faith traditions claim you as a bridge between heaven and Earth, as messengers of the transcendence of the soul’s journey in pursuit of higher knowledge and release. The ancients refer to you as prophets, vanguards, foretelling what approaches from beyond our dimensional grasp. From your vantage point, you serve to connect us with the unseen.

You encourage us to enter your realm, sharing your vision and dispensing guidance to all who will listen. I am humbled and devoted.
My blessed avian mentors, we would be lost without you. Our senses would be numb, as our hearts would be depleted. Your presence and your absence are of equal prophesy.

Patricia Walsh-Collins is a 41-year resident of Bucks County, with a 26-year career as a professional educator. She is creator and owner of Art of Spirit and director of Art of Spirit’s Earth School.