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Shared Teachings Less is more

“Thank you for not killing me.” Shaken to my senses, I uttered these prayerful words of gratitude.

For years, I existed on the ignited energy of a spiritual awakening. Sleeping four or five hours nightly, I burned the candle at both ends.

My Peruvian friend had often spoken to me about “descansar,” (“to rest” in Spanish). I held pride in my industriousness. I was on fire, assuming sleep could come later ... but not when I was driving.

Even after two roadside naps on a late-night journey home, I was stunned into awareness, as my car fell off the road, seconds away from a head-on collision with a utility pole.

Miraculously, a reprieve was granted. With a desperate reflex, the head-on was averted, eviscerating the bottom of my car instead.
Responding from this teaching, I then embraced the word “descansar.”

Candles cannot be burned at both ends. They will extinguish.

These days, slogging through the dense atmosphere of chaos, even my scaled-back version of industriousness frustrates. This transitional moment on planet Earth is different. The emerging energies are much different.

As the Feminine energies rise, we begin to move away from the driven, superficial, actions of “doing.” The Feminine invites us to absorb the deeper meaning and outcomes of our thoughts and actions.

This deepened awareness can only be achieved by giving space and time to each action. Finding comfort in “being” rather than constantly “doing.”

The Feminine energy seeks to balance the Masculine and cannot support frenetic energy. By slowing us down, this primal energy confirms that if we choose to embody it, the change is present. It is us.

Pursuing peace and well-being at a frenetic pace, is an oxymoron and only breeds more of the same. Rather, in order to obtain the higher state we seek, we simply have to embody it. Literally, be the change.

The operative word is “be.” This is what the Feminine energy is about.

Being is not an outside force manifesting. Our change lies within us. It is a decision.

Our discomfort with stillness and silence feeds the distraction of chaos. Distilling and streamlining our actions creates greater absorption, and depth of feeling.

Appearing to recede backward, slowing down is actually progress.

For in slowing down, we take account of our surroundings, feeling and comprehending at a deeper level. We have ready access to empathy and compassion, deepening our relationships with all life. This is what the Feminine is saying to us. “Descansar my children. Less is more.”

Patricia Walsh-Collins is a 40-year-resident of Bucks County, with a 25-year career as a professional educator. She is creator and owner of Art of Spirit and Art of Spirit’s Earth School.

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