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Shared Teachings: Heavy Lifting


“Do you teach Indigo children?” Concluding a presentation of my integrated Art/Religion curriculum, a group of Peruvian educators inquired if this curriculum, holistically addressing the cognitive and emotional intelligence of students, had been utilized in their education.

In 2011, I held peripheral knowledge of Indigo children, who had been arriving on planet Earth for decades. Old souls, challenged with the mission of assisting humanity’s healing, and serving as the gatekeepers of our collective ascension to a higher dimension, where consciousness of love, compassion , peace, and spiritual wisdom prevails.

I have since recognized and worked with many of these gifted souls, within the school systems, and befriended them as adults. These humans with their heightened perceptions, intelligence, and psychic gifts, are plagued by the friction caused from living in an unmalleable, unyielding, and unforgiving society. They are often misunderstood and suffer. There are many gifted young people among us, and more coming.

Through my work, I witness the current reality, stress, and world-view held by the young. The life-space they occupy is “transitional,” the consequence and legacy of a “divide and conquer” mentality. The paradigms of separation are grafted to our DNA. For generations, we will be tasked with releasing our genetic traumas, behaviors, and mindsets.

As the Earth and all her beings shift to a higher level of conscious reality, many people are experiencing awakenings and expansion. But it is often messy and painful. These metamorphic times are brimming with disillusion and insecurity. Millennials struggle with their uncertain futures, saddled by debt and doubt. This “transition” is not a projected future. It is now!

It has taken thousands of years for humanity to arrive at this point. The transition to a higher plane will take generations. We’ve arrived at a human switchback, in the hope of returning to oneness. Each of us made a soul contract to be present here, now, to live out a specific role through our life experiences and gifts.

It is imperative that we personally and professionally support the youth, who are the fulcrum of change.

Our current institutions are not equipped. They continue to operate from the broken paradigm of what was, not what is. We do our part by personally assimilating and embodying the mystic into our daily lives. It begins with acknowledging the present planetary “transition” upon us. We will continue to do our soul’s work for the remainder of our lives. Being an instrument of change is an honor and a privilege. As we choose to live from our higher selves, we share in the heavy lifting of our collective humanity.

Patricia Walsh-Collins is a 40-year resident of Bucks County, with a 25-year career as a professional educator. She is creator and owner of Art of Spirit, and Art of Spirit’s Earth School.

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