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Letters to the Herald

Shapiro would put mail-in ballots in the hands of non-citizens


In case anyone missed the latest edict from Governor Josh Shapiro it is important to note that he is proud to declare that all state inhabitants currently holding a Pennsylvania driver’s license will be mailed out a ballot for the upcoming 2024 election.

Correspondingly, current regulations in the state allow for all “lawfully present non-U.S. citizens to be eligible to apply for a Real ID Driver’s license.”

However, the law in Pennsylvania also states that “To register to vote in Pennsylvania, you must be a citizen.”

So, while eligibility for a driver’s license does not require citizenship, having one allows you to vote.

This must go to the Supreme Court of the United States because the Democrat-led Supreme Court of Pennsylvania will find no problem here.

Stephen Hanover,  Plumsteadville