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Letters to the Herald

School boards should follow commissioners’ lead on Israel


I would like to start with a straightforward question, not a trick question nor a loaded question. What do you get when you join two Bucks County Commissioners Diane M. Ellis Marseglia and Robert J. Harvie Jr., who are Democrats, with one Bucks County Commissioner, Gene Di Girolamo, who is a Republican? We get three patriotic Americans.

Witness if you will the bipartisan statement from the commissioners regarding the Oct. 7 invasion of Israel by the Palestinian terror group called Hamas.

“To be clear, we will not tolerate any false equivalence. Israel is a democratic country and America’s closest ally in the Middle East. Hamas is an extremist terrorist organization and does not represent the Palestinian people.”

While school board members are supposed to be politically neutral since they are allowed to cross-file (appear on both the Democratic and Republican slates), I would like to see a bipartisan message from each district’s school board in line with the commissioner’s statement in support of Israel against Hamas.

Silence is not golden on this issue for it will feed the seeds of hate allowing it to silence the rallying cry of the Holocaust. Never again.

Melvin Band, Solebury

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