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Ron Strouse: Doylestown Mayor’s Report--Thank you firefighters for a job well done


We are extraordinarily appreciative of our first responders, never so much as during these recent months as we navigate a pandemic. Some are compensated and others volunteer their time and talent. All display a commitment to training and a recognition that personal time comes in short supply.

The volunteer Doylestown Fire Company deserves special recognition and thanks for that job well done in difficult circumstances and substantial pressure. Once again, on Aug. 4, Mother Nature visited us with a vengeance. It was well covered by local news outlets and even national coverage but, sometimes, the news only bears witness to highlights and headlines. The fire company had approximately 30 members responding to calls beginning at 9:53. a.m. with the last call cleared at 2 a.m. the next morning. There were 20 dispatched calls.

The destruction and collapse of Children’s Village at Doylestown Health was the most prominent call. Other calls included three fume in calls, four calls for alarm systems, nine calls for wires down, and one carbon monoxide incident with high readings due to the generator running in the garage. There were five fire calls in the borough. Beyond that, the Doylestown Fire Company assisted with going house-to-house throughout the neighborhood, checking on occupants and assisted EMS with gaining access to a house that was heavily damaged so that a patient could be transported to the ER.

No, it was not a normal day for Doylestown, nor was it a normal day for Doylestown Fire Company, assisting neighboring companies, and our other first responders. It certainly was not a normal day for Doylestown Health. It was a day when training and resilience and commitment were on full display. For that day, and every day, thank you to the men and women of Doylestown Fire Company.