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The Poet's Corner



imagine hating rivers

Rouge and Wabash

imagine loving one

just for its name

Au Sable

being ravished by another

for its song


being pretty afraid of one

the Mississippi

when you were on her

in a steamboat

needing no locks

because of the height

and the speed of that


being denied two

the Colorado and the Green

because someone had to stay

with your mad mother

while the rest of the family


cherishing one

the Hudson

for its history and its art

serving one

the Delaware

with your life

In Carolyn Foote Edelmann’s New Hope years, her poems buttressed the Dump the Pump campaign. In Princeton University’s Continuing Education program, her mentors were Ted Weiss, Galway Kinnell, and Stanley Plumly. Co-founder of Princeton’s Cool Women, her most recent poetic publication is in Cool Women, Volume VII and U.S.1 [Poets] Worksheet.

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