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Letters to the Herald

Rick Haring should have disclosed wife’s role in lawsuit


In a recent guest opinion (Central Bucks superintendent’s $85,000 raise outraged voters, Aug. 3) by Rick Haring, both Mr. Haring and the Bucks County Herald neglected to note that Haring’s wife is a lead party in the lawsuit against Central Bucks School District.

He asks, “Why are more than 350 female teachers suing the district for equal pay?” Yet, he fails to disclose that his wife is a lead plaintiff.

This omission can’t be accidental. Why would he make it a major part of his complaint about our district and leave this out? What is his agenda? There is much to be learned about Mr. Haring and his views on the CBSD community. Should someone with a pending lawsuit that his own wife claims will be worth in excess of $100,000,000 be elected to serve on the body that could decide a settlement?

He should state publicly that he would recuse himself from all decisions associated with it.

Book policies, boys on girls’ sports teams and the rest of the culture war battles are nothing compared to the integrity that a person brings to this position.

The voters have a right the know what Mr. Haring’s agenda is.

Howard Schargel, Plumstead

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