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Remembering the special moments

New Hope-Solebury senior pens letter to fellow graduates 
To those of you who are lifers, you know who you are. It is senior year. Graduation is right around the corner and now many of us are getting excited for what’s to come. Now that we are looking forward to our futures, let’s take a step back to remember a few special moments from our past.
Let’s start with the Lower Elementary School, also known as the LES. Mr. Silver, our principal, truly enjoyed telling us his stories and playing his clarinet. Mr. Silver was a huge part as to why we had such an incredible time in elementary school. During the day, we all looked forward to recess. As soon as the bell rang, it was full steam ahead to the swings and slides where we had an absolute blast. We were also fortunate to have outstanding teachers.
One of the best and most influential teachers I ever had was Mr. Snyder in first grade. Mr. Snyder taught us a lot of life lessons including the importance of patience and being a good friend. I always looked forward to playing pool or foosball with Jorge Luciani and friends, and of course filling up the marble jar. Two other stand out classes have to be Mr. Manion’s art class and music lessons with Mrs. Van Praag. Who can remember drawing funny cartoons in our little black sketchbooks, or playing with the bells and boomwhackers in music class? We all became pros at the recorders as well. So although our wonderful LES days have come to a close, it is nice to know we have been given great memories to look back on.
The Upper Elementary School was another huge part of our childhood. We had a bunch of inspiring events including Jump Rope for Heart and field days. There were awesome themes like “Survivor,” “Star Wars” and “Racecars,” where they set up the most entertaining games we could have asked for.
Thank you to Mr. DiTulio and Ms. Ortiz for all of the amazing field days and the legendary tug of war challenges. Along with that, we had Trunk-or-Treat and extraordinary field trips. One of them was going to Honey Hollow in fourth grade, where we played a massive game called the Food Chain, but instead we were the animals chasing each other around the woods. Another great trip that happened in first grade was at the Camden Adventure Aquarium where we saw all of the fish and sharks. Yes, time really flew by during the elementary school years, but we are so lucky to have had all the fun that we did.
Some of my favorite memories of middle school were the projects that we had and the Student of the Month breakfasts. Six years ago, in sixth grade, we had the HIPSTER Fair, and all of us got to pick important people in the world and tell their stories. Then we had the Renaissance Fair field trip in seventh grade and with that we created banners and hung them all around the school.
Toward the end of eighth grade, “The Little Mermaid” hit the stage. Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Hamill danced as Flotsam and Jetsam, and Riley Bultimier played a lovely Ariel with Justin Kruse as Prince Eric. That performance was truly memorable. I absolutely loved playing with the band at Hershey Park and being able to go on rides during the day. The band ended an awesome six years with Mr. Sasala by singing “Let it Snow,” only we changed the words to a “thank you” instead of the famous Christmas jingle. Thank you to Julian Thompson and Eli Ghiz for helping with that! Our legacy in middle school was extremely important. We always tried our best and that has played a huge role in us now.
As we moved into high school, we were all excited to see what would be in store for us. One part that we all looked forward to was Spirit Week. I’m beyond thrilled that we have pulled off four wins and are undefeated! For freshman year, the theme chosen was Pixar, with our grade having the movie “A Bug’s Life.” And to end it off, we crossed the finish line with Mario Kart. Musicals like “Pippin” and “Anything Goes” were a blast as well, and it was especially fun tap dancing and singing show tunes on stage aboard a jazzy cruise ship. All of the sports games and events were a huge part of our time in high school too. We were fortunate to have The Haunted Woods, Culture Night and all of the clubs to take part in.
Music trips definitely grew up alongside with us over these years. The wind ensemble, jazz band, orchestra and choir traveled to Los Angeles, Calif., and had a magical and enjoyable time at Disneyland. The rain didn’t stop us from having fun with Mickey and Minnie! Two years later, we embarked on an unbelievable trip to Italy. The magnificent churches of Rome, the sights of Florence, and the beautiful waters of Venice made us all not want to come home. We performed on the grandest stages in Italy!
Thanks to Mr. Bachart, Mr. Wehr, and Mr. Bateman for giving us these wonderful experiences. How lucky are we that we have had so many good times to share together and look forward to all of these years. High school was a huge milestone for all of us and now that we are seniors, it is really important to recognize how far we’ve come.
Yes, life as we know it is changing, but it is nice to reflect on all of the fun we’ve had moving forward. So before we go off into the world, I want you all to look back at the landmarks of your life, and recognize how lucky we have been, to have been us! Thank you to our parents, teachers, bus drivers, and our great friendships, who have made our time here so memorable throughout these years, and wish us luck on our journey.
To all of us seniors, our time as students at New Hope-Solebury is almost finished. Let’s make the most of it and enjoy what we have left.
Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and best of luck to everyone! This has been Kaylee Lynch, signing off.
Kaylee Lynch is the editor-in-chief of New Hope-Solebury High School’s newspaper, The Lion’s Tale.

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