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Protestors objecting to sign rally in New Hope

About 30 members from The Bucks County Anti-Racism Collaboration held a demonstration in New Hope Sept. 12. The group was motivated by a recent Facebook post showing a controversial picture on the wall of Fred’s Breakfast.
The sign reads “This morning I went to sign my dogs up for welfare. At first the lady said the dogs are not eligible to draw welfare. Then I explained to her my dogs are mixed in color, unemployed, can’t speak English and have no idea who their daddies are … my dogs get their first check Friday.”
The Facebook post led to a firestorm of comments from many who viewed the sign as insensitive, while others found it humorous.
At the demonstration, Molly Naughton stated “This is not about Fred’s Breakfast, this is about reconciliation.”
The demonstrators held signs that depict actual Facebook comments left on the page regarding the controversy. One read “Get over it and have pancakes.” Another read “I have a great idea, maybe Fred’s can set up a crying room for all of the offended flakos. Do the rest of us a favor and stay away ...”
“Even this morning people have come out of the restaurant and said racist comments to us,” co-organizer Molly Naughton said.
Kevin E. Leven held a sign that read what actions the group would like Fred’s breakfast to take regarding the controversy. One of the requests was for the Fred’s breakfast to go on record against the racist comments left by its supporters while another asks for a sizable donation to be given to a Trenton organization of the group’s choosing.
Caitlin Fleming, daughter of Denise Bollenbacher, a Fred’s owner, met with the leaders of the group on North Main Street and said, “At the end of the day you want to show that you are learning and you’re growing. Everyone makes mistakes and I think it’s very nice what you are doing.”
Comments from Fred’s owners, Chris and Denise Bollenbacher were declined. The sign has been removed.

Jay Garrison