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Guest Opinion

Pennridge candidate’s letter showed same old approach


Barbara Vees talks about bringing a “New Culture of Leadership” to the Pennridge School Board in her recent (Sept. 14) article. How could this even be possible when the ones causing the issues for the Pennridge School District are supported by the GOP?

The complete lack of addressing any of the key issues around curriculum is apparent by a GOP that’s not supporting parents’ rights for their children to have a diverse and well-rounded education.

She has provided no substance whatsoever in her article on any topic. Just the typical political speak.

The lack of transparency by the Pennridge School Board is astonishing. Barbara Vees’s opinion said nothing about Vermilion, Hillsdale 1776, downgrading of the RELA education, etc. Those are directly affecting students and parents within this school district. Her generalized statements fall flat on any possibility that she will make an actual change in the current destructive educational pathway this current GOP-led school board has taken the district down.

Do not be fooled by the attempt at stating she or the other GOP candidates are middle-ground candidates. They have not truly been open to the public. Why would any of them engage us? I can say they will not because it will not align and meet their overall political agenda.

Vees also did not address the hostile work environment created by the GOP-led school board. Teachers are leaving in large numbers. I see nothing from anything that she has said to date that would suggest anything but the continued destructive pathway the GOP school board has brought into the district. General statements fall flat where details matter on what she is going to do as a member of the school board.

The guest opinion was just simplified general statements that contain nothing of substance on the issues parents are facing at Pennridge. Barbara Vees will just be more of the same. Do not be fooled by the GOP candidates’ attempts to act as middle-ground candidates. Do not fall for the same old fear topics that the GOP candidates continue to propagate. Public education is for all, not for only those that follow their beliefs.

Ed Lawson lives in Bedminster.

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